Uber Locked My Account

Uber Locked My Account

What Uber did:
My now ex husband had stolen my car which was only in my name prior to the marriage. I had listed him as an additional driver for Uber. After he had me falsely arrested for hitting him, (I had 13 videos that said he lied to the police) two weeks later he gets a DUI in my other car. I informed Uber of this, sent in his paperwork showing his license was revoked, and they continued to let him drive. I called numerous times, and they suspended me! They took away my only income, allowed him to drive my car and make money from it, and it took almost two years for me to get it back. Uber could have stopped alot of harm to myself, but chose to keep a person driving that never should have been allowed.

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$1000 compensation is minimal to what they did

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