Viasat Claim for Compensation

Viasat Claim for Compensation

What Viasat did:
For months and months and months they kept sending me notice that I had used all my data in 2 days which was 60gbs. So this time I literally unplugged it from the wall so it was completely disconnected and then I got a notice I had used 156gbs of data when it wasn’t even hooked up. I started researching and have seen many the same thing happening to. I did a live chat and copied the conversion. I told him it is disconnected from the wall and he said it was showing I was hooked up and data being used. The counter service was rude and acted like I was not telling the truth instead of trying to find out what was going on. I have been paying almost $120 a month for internet I can’t use because they keep saying I am using my data up in 2 days when I hadn’t they are scamming people.

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