Viasat Complaint

Viasat Complaint

What Viasat did:
Yes we were having problems with our internet so my husband called them this has been the 5 call well they ha
Be never done anything bout so my husband was explaining what was going on and the person from via sat said your past due well it’s been coming out of his debit card ans then she said you canceled your internet and we’re refunded the amount of 297 he then said I haven’t been refunded or canceled anything they gave the payment money to someone with the card ending in ******** but they can’t tell us who it was we checked all our cards none of them end in those no our account no one gave permission to give anyone the authority to cancel anything a
No they want us to pay this money first you should always make sure you got the right person what should we do we know we didn’t receive the money or cancel our internet

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