Brinks Home Security Complaint

Brinks Home Security Complaint

What Brinks Home Security did:
On July 14, 2022 I attempted to properly pay my Brinks bill of $49.37 using my online banking service. Unfortunately, my vision was impaired as a result of recent cataract surgery and I was not able to see there was no decimal point, even during the bank’s software confirmation step. Because of this, instead of the $49.37 I owed, I accidentally sent Brinks $4,937.00.

The following week I contacted Brinks Customer support. They told me I would be getting overpayment money back, minus the regular monthly payment, within six weeks. It is now eight weeks past that first call, and I have not seen any return of the overpayment.

I made a second call four weeks ago, asked again when I would get my money back and was told on August 19. That did not happen either.

My third call to customer service also informed me I would get money back, but now they needed to take out a second monthly payment and the remaining overpayment would be returned by September 3 or 4th. That also did not happen. I get a mailed paper bill every month and never agreed to automatic payments.

On Tuesday, September 6 at 1:30PM I again contacted Brinks Home Security customer service, and was placed on hold for an hour after requesting to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor informed me that the customer service is provided by a contracted service company and not by Brinks, and that they had no process that would allow my overpayment to be returned.

After many phone calls and repeated lies of re-imbursement by the employees of the customer service company contracted by Brinks, it is clear that Brink’s has no intention of re-imbursement, and must be forced to return the overpayment. I can tolerate no more delays as that overpayment is my saved heating oil money for the season, which will be needed very soon.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in New Jersey | Read more Brinks Home Security complaints

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