Bank of America Complaint

Bank of America Complaint

What Bank of America did:
I own a moving company that has a rental account wioth Ryder Trucks. A woman used our Ryder rental account in Aug-Sept 2021 and ran up a $7637.70 bill.

We have only ever hired one woman and she was not a driver. We asked Ryder for proof of this and theys ent us her ID. She was not an employee of 404Movers being that in all 9 years of oiur existence we have never hired BUT one woman being that women don’t generally gravitate towards such physically taxing jobs.

I showed Bank fo America this evidence even filed a police report so that this woman can be arrested. They refused saying “The person had permission to use our account”. This is a clear open and shut caxze. We did not authorise this person to sue our account and they racked up $7637.70 in bills on our account

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