Credit One Collections Issues

Credit One Collections Issues

What Credit One did:
I submitted a billing error and informing Credit One that I didn’t receive proper disclosure pursuant to 15 usc 1602. I was not given clear, conspicuous and adequate notice of the cost of credit and pertinent facts resulting in me making a uniformed decision receiving multiple billing errors and unfair credit card practices. Pursuant to 15 usc 1601, a consumer must be made aware of the cost of the transaction. I have not benefitted from this transaction, which is a violation pursuant to 15 usc1602p. I also requested document of evidence and Credit One sent me a letter dated 8/10/2022 enclosing the Card Agreement. The only evidence of indebtedness was the computer-generated agreement. However, due to the uniformed decision, this makes the agreement null & void. Since adequate notice was not given to me I didn’t understand it’s meaning which is a violation pursuant to 15 usc 1602K. I also didn’t receive disclosure of my right to not have this private transaction reported to Consumer Reporting Agencies and the method of how to opt out. I also would like an explanation of what happened to the account ending in ********. I received a notice of an upgraded card however the account number is totally different now ending in ********.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Unlock the accounts, Zero out the accounts. A refund of all payments made and a deletion of these accounts from my consumer reports.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Maryland | Read more Credit One complaints

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