Santander Consumer USA Complaint

Santander Consumer USA Complaint

What Santander Consumer USA did:
I tried to deposit a check from Mercury Insurance & Bank of America. I specifically asked the teller & branch manager if they could tell if this check was real or not. They said it looks fine, we will see when it clears. Few days later, it cleared. Few days after that, it was marked as fraudulent. I went back into the local branch, and she said my account is fine, and I should be able to see the changes in a few days. I called the number listed on the website, as my account was still not working. The lady explained that because I deposited that fraudulent check, my account is frozen for 5 business days. 6 days later, it’s still not working. I call again, and a new lady tells me that because I deposited the check ( & gave nasty attitude when asking WHY I would try to deposit a check that has those names on it) and have no supporting documents that they terminated my account. THEY terminated my account, without telling me. I went in & called many times. Many people had many opportunities to tell me this information. The fraud lady went on to tell me that my account is under review with the back office & I can not get my money until they finish reviewing my account & close it. She refused to tell me when that might be, stating she is the only one in that faux department to talk to. They are holding my money. This is the only bank account I have. Please advise

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