Straight Talk Locked My Account

Straight Talk Locked My Account

What Straight Talk did:
After I decided to leave Straight Talk, I was required to get a release from Straight Talk and called them. The call was answered by a group of marketers and they would not connect me to Straight Talk without making numerous offers, all of which I refused. It was a difficult process; however, I had to decline their different offers for at least ten minutes before being connected to straight talk. I needed a release no. to change providers and they would not give the number over the phone and said they would send the no. by email which they did not do. then about ten days later I started to receive bills from financial companies .This marketer rep had signed me up for two different financial groups and gave them my credit card no. which they had to have received from straight talk. This company obviously participates in this scheme by forcing you to go through this marketing group who receives the tel. calls for straight talk and please do not sign up for their tel service You will not be happy if you have a need to call them. They have the worst customer service and phone service.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I don’t want anything from them: I have a new telephone NO. and all the hassle that that I went cancelling the things I didn’t sign for. I would desire they answer the tel calls of future customers, and get
rid of the marketing group that answers the phone for them.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Tennessee | Read more Straight Talk complaints

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