Bank of America Complaint

Bank of America Complaint

What Bank of America did:
Bank of America sent a letter stating that I needed to surrender my RV or they would come get it (which is my full time home) during the pandemic when I had a formal written deferral in place with them. Their attorney sent this demand letter to me causing me to move, stress and lose sleep. I contacted BoA and said I was prepared to contact an attorney and proceed with a lawsuit, but they apologized profusely and stated no worries, so sorry and they would make it all right.

They deleted my account access for payments and I asked for updates over and over. Nothing. Next I saw on my credit report that they had removed it from any and all active status and had written it off as P & L. I was expecting the title at any moment.

Fast forward months later, no statements, no letters, no nothing. I have records for everything. I requested repeatedly for statements to be sent or some sort of letter of status. Nothing.

Now I received a letter from a random attorney stating Bank of America has filed a case to repossess the RV (again, still my full time residence). No phone calls to me, no letters, nothing on my app or online at all. I checked online with the courts and sure enough there is a filed case on 8/22/2022.

I believe I have a case and am unsure how to handle this especially with a stay or stop immediately. Any guidance is appreciated.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in South Carolina | Read more Bank of America complaints

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