Bank of America Complaint

Bank of America Complaint

What Bank of America did:
I had a bunch of transactions on my account that I did not make about 15 of them so I made a claim and they reimbursed me almost all of the money well I log onto my online account multiple times a day and go through All my transactions and 2 weeks ago I logged onto my account cause my sister venmo-ed me $10 and when I opened my account I was negative $150 and I have just been layed off and am currently collecting unemployment and it was scheduled to come at 1:45 am that morning and I only get $154 a week so they would take it all so I looked why I was negative $150 and it was because they reversed all the money that they gave back for the fraudulent charges so I called them and they said it was because the merchant refunded me too.AND THOSE REFUNDS FROM THE MERCHANT WERE NEVER IN MY ACCOUNT HISTORY UNTIL THEY REVERSED THE CHARGES.AND I HAVE PROOF I HAVE SCREENSHOTS OF MY ACCOUNT ON 2 DIFFERENT DAYS THAT DO NOT MATCH WITH WHAT THE TRANSACTIONS ARE SAYING!! AND I HAVE NOTIFICATIONS FROM THEM SAYING MY ACCOUNT BALANCE IS BELOW $100 AND WITH THE FALSE REFUNDS THEY ARE SAYING I HAD $800 AND SOMETHING DOLLARS IN MY ACCOUNT!! THEY ARE FALSIFYING TRANSACTIONS AND KEEPING MY UNEMPLOYMENT PAYMENT!!!!!I HAVE MULTIPLE PICTURES THAT PROVE THIS!!!!

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