Chime Bank Complaint

Chime Bank Complaint

What Chime Bank did:
My name is Vanessa ***** I suffer from end stage cryptogenic liver cirrhosis. On Thursday sept 22 2022 7:12 pm chime distributed $2236.04 to a us bank. It wiped my account completely clean. I am bankrupt and homeless. My house was foreclosed and that was Pua money I just received from the government. Chime took it all and gave it to us bank. When I contacted chime. They said they received a letter of intent.

Have you ever heard of such a thing? A letter not a court order to give them my money. This is fraud. As I am discharged from bankruptcy and no one is liable to any of my funds per my attorney Ed *****.

Chime illegally authorized a transaction and left me in major need. I explained to them my condition. In which they called the police on me. They had them come check to see if I was okay.

Well did they think I would make this up. I was not at my place the house is empty and vacant just like I told them I’m homeless.

They said they would escalate it after I requested to see proof of the letter. They said they will have it to me in 2 hours. I have not gotten anything.

I have to ticket numbers open from chime. One keeping track of how they are handling it. And the other via email as they have yet to respond back to me.

I have been bed bound for two days since this occurred and really need help.

Vanessa *****

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