Bank of America Complaint

Bank of America Complaint

What Bank of America did:
I made a transaction thru the app its provided the transaction went thru they froze my account i called confirming it was me that did it to who i made the transaction, he had a buisness card also with bank of america from what he explain to me the account was open he had around 75 u.s dollars just to keep it open monthly, from starts reason it was for a purchase of a vehicle the vehicle did not function good so i gave it back and he was ok with it next thing we know his bank account is frozen also they mention they had closed it we couldnt get the money back the assistance lady inside the bank let us know and asked him the only way he can give me the money back is to link his account with mines he denied sayd no and told the lady to just close his account the lady gave me instructions on what i have to do to get my money back saying to file a claim witch is dispute the transaction that i would get my money back its been its been nearly 5 months and all i have is a bunch of stacked letters denien me

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