Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

What Charter Spectrum did:
I contacted Spectrum to find a cheaper price since my husband died I can no longer afford the 99.97 I was paying for spectrum tv. I was told by the first female that contacted me I could go with the spectrum choice pkg for 29.99. She said I could send back my box and told me to go online and choose the channels I wanted up to 15. She then told me since I have a Roku tv I could stream channels also. I was to call Spectrum back and give them the channels I had chosen. She supposedly had left this information on my file. I have been with Spectrum for many years and have never missed a payment. NOW I find when I called back 9/28 your rep told me he was sorry but it would be 49.99/month. At this point I am disgusted that I was either led astray or you just do this on purpose. Either way I am deliberating discontinuing my Spectrum completely and going with another company. I am a senior citizen and cannot afford this deliberate deception on Spectrum’s part. I know you will ignore this complaint which will not surprise me. Lois *****

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I would like spectrum to honor their first offer.

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