Airbnb Complaint

Airbnb Complaint

What Airbnb did:
My car way broken into in the driveway of a listing I rented. Due to the brake in I was forced to cancel a job interview which was the entire reason I was there. I lost out on potential earning upwards of 70,000$ per year. I was also forced to drive home over 300 miles from the AirBNB in west palm beach Florida to my current residence in Saint Mary’s GA. My wife was pummeled by rain and wind for four hours. AirBNB then claimed that I never contacted them in a timely manner and that I was past the 14 days for claims and I have emails messages and receipts proving that is not the case. I also have messages from my potential employer proving that I was forced to cancel my interview. I am currently active duty in the navy and separating under honorable conditions after 10 years and the job I was going to interview for was my dream job! I am greatly saddened by this situation.

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