Chime Bank Complaint

Chime Bank Complaint

What Chime Bank did:
My account was compromised 3x times in over a week . First incident. I wake up to 2 random text messages. An security access code was requested. Minutes later phone number was change. Don’t know number. Three transactions took place $992.20 and two other for $10.95. Tried to gain access to account via app. Because my number was changed. I couldn’t be validated via automated system. Had to have a friend call on their phone to speak with rep. After several calls over 3 days. The first transaction was credited back. 3 days later my direct deposit payroll check of $2,141.00 was deposited in account. 3 hours later a security access was requested. Minutes later my phone number was again changed. Over 3 hours money was transfer from saving to checking to credit builder. Then (10) transactions totaling $1,900.81 was charge for Tik Tok . Again called Chime. Was to told to email support/review email address and submit evidence. I had already provided selfie of myself with id, holding a piece of paper with date and name. In additional I was instructed to take photos of my state issue ID front & back. I also provided a screenshots of both text notifications of security access code and phone numbers. I called and kept getting call center in the Philippines. They don’t know anything. Just reading from script. Anyway in frustration I cursed many of
them out. Kept calling. Customer Service is worst I’ve encountered. Especially as a financial institution. No Protection for the Consumer. Anyway a got email denying dispute ” No billing error occurred” was the exact term. But a careful review the account number was not my account number. Called several more times until I got dispute opened back up. 2 days ago same scenario unauthorize change in account $534. Called got dispute going. Notice that they never took off the changed number. Called back and was told to email support but after several days later number is still on my account. Unauthorize.

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