Bank of America Complaint

Bank of America Complaint

What Bank of America did:
Countrywide takeover Jan 2009. Acctg wrong from the get go. Disability started manifesting around the same time. Fell behind in April/May. My father helped me, even went to a branch to confirm amount to be current. Paid 8k more than needed. He took a lien against the house gor the money advanced. Got forbearance in August to be eligible for loan mod. He made all the payments over the next 2-3 months. No loan mod sent, fiance had good job so restarted sending regular payments in February.

Couole years later, we get a notice to accelerate saying we’re 15k past due! Thought we got that straight, got a letter saying up to date and current, then same thing a year later. Been through four bankruptcies, lost opportunities, bled dry of savings and dipped into 401k because bankruptcy payments so high. Tens of thousands in attorney, trustee and associated costs. Credit in the toilet because of it, couldn’t get heloc or refi. Thousands extra on car loan. Hospitalized from seizures brought on by stress. Thousands more because they would not pay for homeowners but used theirs. At the end they illegally auctioned off my house, principal balance after 22 years on a 134k note should have been under 60k. They said 98k and tacked on mystery fees that had accrued every month to over 80k. Auction price was 183k and the “surplus” was only 22. House worth over 300k. So with lost equity, cost of moving, hospital costs, insurance gouging, attorney fees, etc., probably cost me almost 500,000. If I hadn’t had the debilitating stress, anxiety and pressure, I might have recovered enough to return to work as a nurse, get my NP. So hundreds of thousands lost there but theoretical.

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