Bank of America Complaint

Bank of America Complaint

What Bank of America did:
My name is Yeva ***** Worked for bank of America almost 7 years and working in the banking and customer relation industry for almost total of more then 15 years. Its like half of my life I ever lived. Each day service at job I am always going above and beyond to help customers and company grow, but today I am seeking justice and to defend my reputation. Bank of America terminated my employment on the grounds of some few bucks zelle transactions from my social contacts who also happens to be bank product consumer. As I have been working in this industry so long I have a name and reputation in my community and people are coming to me and waiting for me to get service sometimes even 2-3 hours out of their 24 hours per day. People giving up their most valuable asset the time to get my service it means that I am really trying to improve peoples life by exercising my best practices. As an employee of Bank of America I always kept in my mind the corporation policy and procedures above anything else while servicing my clients. I brought a huge amount of business to my employer and always performed my duties not with best but with outstanding performance metrics and all historical records in bank data should prove this, I never got a bad survey and clients always left my office with resolution and satisfaction. In my 7 years of tenure with this bank, I never got any formally based on truth complain from any of my client. Personally I consider myself a valuable person to the community I always try to contribute to my environment while me on work or off work – it doesn’t matter. I never give up on my employer in the difficult time of Covid, following all procedures and policies I was there, despite having my health conditions like anxiety and emotional stress I tried to be there for my employer and for my customers. Even I do remember times in life threatening situation our employer make us to stay at work and I followed like an honest employee without giving it second thought.
I am hard worker person for me to find another employer is not a big deal and for sure professional employers always figure out outstanding employee like me at first glance to be deserve for any applied position. I never intend to leave the bank even I never asked for the pay raise from my date of hire until the time that i find out that now bank started to value me as seasonal employee because due to financial industry lawsuits regarding sales push bank trying to be proactive in order to avoid current damages and as well as portraying a campaign that any employee in future do any percent of sales going to get equal amount of compensation distributed among all employees. Before it was performance based compensation which means people like me are diamond for the bank because we are working not 8-5 instead 24/7. I am very social person in my Ukrainian-American community I have on my personal Instagram account more then 50K followers. I am always digitally and physically active in my community due to this feature bank was very happy when I brought business for them and used to pay me handsome bonuses but when they see regulators want them to not push for sale in order to protect consumers, bank doesn’t need sales people anymore practically and when I asked them to compensate my bonuses with pay raise, management open the investigation on me and decided to terminate my 7 years of loyalty within two weeks of investigation. If I supposed to be terminated then as per my understanding we have a very big gap in company policies and process that whoever was leading my investigation supposed to be terminate as well. I feels like if I was not doing my job with in the procedures then this decision of my termination shows complete lack of competency. Even under the cover of so called fake investigation, bank called and asked the customers why you sent zelle transactions and all of the customers replied its none of the bank business because they are not sending money related to any of the bank service or product from Yeva. Even under the investigation bank got problem if I receive money from my family, friends and associates. Its totally seems a fix to me I am very shocked and sorry on this that how management can decide to terminate an employee using a financial product zelle as a consumer. I never asked any body to give me money for the my personal or bank related service because I love to help people and if people wants to reward back in any capacity then i do not have control on it – and its none of the bank problem until it is directly related to bank product or customer. My all customers can write down on legal bindings that I never asked money from any one about any thing related to bank business and I can take the same statement under oath.
Again I have no intent to join the bank back at any terms all I want to stand on my principles and communicate a message to Brian Thomas Moynihan the top leader of this management which harassed, discriminate and most of all humiliate the Assistant Vice President of bank of America. My point here is only to improve the process because I am afraid if this is the fate of the high rank, loyal, hard working and focused employee then lord have mercy on other employees. I just wish to have punishment for the responsible and reward for the sufferer because in my opinion justice delayed is justice denied.

Thank you.

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