Brinks Home Security Complaint

Brinks Home Security Complaint

What Brinks Home Security did:
Aug came to my home saying they assign to our ADT account but they for brinks.. there is a sign that say no solicing dont disturb. Etc.. saying he would come back later. But we said no… sent the video via instagram i have the screen shot that messgae from them saying they dont dont do door to door sales & the matter will be addressed… 2months later they come again but its a different person he lied & said he came a weeks ago & that his uncle died etc etc.. thats deceptive practices.. this new person from brinks didnt come out a few ago we never spoke with him & we already said no.. this is harrassement.. i called the number & asked who do i talk to. He said they dont do the door sales but they have contractors that come out but if i have a sign on my door its illegal to continue

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