Brinks Home Security Complaint

Brinks Home Security Complaint

What Brinks Home Security did:
I called the company to start a service 23rd of August. After many back-and-forth delays, fixing installation dates, and canceling or not showing up without notice, service was finally installed on the 12th of Sept 2022. Since service was installed, the camera in front and back has not been working to its full effect. I then called to have this problem fixed, but found out that I will have to pay out of pocket $200 for a technician to come fix the cameras. I was then offered a supposedly “better solution” to reduce the technician fee to $50 but my contract will be extended for another 12 months which in total will not be 4 years. I asked to cancel the service but then I was quoted a penalty fee of over $2000. This company is a fraud and I just want out now.

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