Citibank Locked My Account

Citibank Locked My Account

What Citibank did:
Responding to an AD by Citibank, I opened a priority checking account and transferred funds from my Chase account to my priority checking. I was told the fund did not go through, and I needed to authorize the transfer through Citibank’s “fraud agent.” As soon as the fund was transferred over the phone on 7/1, the Citi agent told me since the account was compromised, he was closing the account, and I will receive the deposited amount in 40-60 days. Since then, they have been contacted more than 14 times, and they read the same script every time, waiting for 20-45 minutes. Finally, on 10/7, the “fraud agent” told me I did not receive the refund because there was NO MONEY. It is disappeared, and they cannot do anything about it. I asked to talk with their manager, and I was told there is no manager for their department and there is nothing they can do! I have received two monthly statements from CITI bank that shows the money was deposited, and I have a receipt from Chase bank that shows the fund was transferred and deposited in my account in CITI priority. Also, I have received the tax form from CITI bank requiring me to report the deposited amount! After searching the Internet, the consumers shared many similar experiences, which makes me believe this is a scam and that I am not the only one. This has caused me great financial and emotional stress, considering this was my retirement money, in light of my recent layoff from work.

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A full Refund

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