Experian Complaint

Experian Complaint

What Experian did:
EXPERIAN has broking the law. EXPERIAN assumed this role I never gave them permission in the first place to have my private information that’s identity theft. EXPERIAN is not exercising their grave reasponabilty to insure me the consumer has fairness, impartiality and respect to the consumers privacy .EXPERIAN violated 15 usc 1681e (A)(B)(C)(D) They continue to violate the FCRA . Pursuant to 18 usc 8 I own no debt. EXPERIAN violated my consumer right to privacy pursuant to 15 usc 1681b2 EXPRIAN has no permission to report ANYTHING using my information pursuant to 15 usc 1681A. The accounts in question is NAVY FEDERAL (LATE PAYMENT) and LAKE COUNTY CHILD SUPPORT (LATE PAYMENT) Me being the Consumer my rights have been violated and I want that late payments removed immediately.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Illinois | Read more Experian complaints

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