Chime Bank Complaint

Chime Bank Complaint

What Chime Bank did:
Chime advertises to customers that we can direct deposit or taxes to our accounts and even receive them up to 5 days early. I discovered that is true but only if your deposit is under 10K. After 8 months of waiting on a Irs return chime returned the deposit claiming the name didn’t match. They have done it to any customer receiving over 10k instead of telling us they think it’s fraud. So they kept directing me to contact the issuer who claims they have talked to chime several times and they are deceiving customers by saying the info doesn’t match when in fact it does, and sending us in circles knowing they will never accept the deposit. I had been evicted so since chime returned the deposit they will mail it to my old address and then it will return to the Irs and then I have to wait 10-12 more weeks for the Irs to re-issue my check.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more Chime Bank complaints

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