Fanduel Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

Fanduel Product Wasn’t What I Was Promised

What Fanduel did:
Fanduel suspend my account. When I approached them as to why, they offered zero explanation. Without cause suspension. They proceeded to say they elevated my case. Which was their support team sending me 16 emails within a minute, all saying the same thing, this harassment was further uncalled for and further reason showing their intentions.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

Explanation is all I ever asked for. Now I want action taken against them for how they treated me and handled it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had this or some similar harassment at the hands of Fanduel. I’d like to stand up for all of those that have been bullied by this site.

Submitted by: Anonymous in Pennsylvania | Read more Fanduel complaints

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