Amazon Complaint

Amazon Complaint

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I ordered 3 pairs of boots from their prime try before you buy which you are not suppose to be charged but i was anyhow i sent back alk three pairs and one pairs was not a pair i ordered and thats the pair i have now been charged for. Now this is not the girzt yime i have been charged for returning a pair of noots that were not what i ordered just this time tgey charged me full price time before i was charged a restock fee for returning boots i did mot order. I have chats, emails and recorded phone calls proving they were returned. This has been going on for many months. I have dpent jours on the phone and on chats. I have sent proof to them many times that they were returned. Return receipt that they requested. And every time its either no response, another story or i get hung up on or sent an email i could not reply to to send them the proof again. And have to get a hold of customer service and start all over again. ITS NEVER ENDING!

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Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more Amazon complaints

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