Chime Bank Complaint

Chime Bank Complaint

What Chime Bank did:
Sept. 30 I received direct deposit of $1194 from my employer into my Chime account. I woke up on sept.30 to emails informing me that my phone number and email address connected to Chime have been changed. I immediately contacted Chime. They returned my funds the same day and two hours later i got emails saying that my info was changed again. after fighting with them for a week that returned my funds on Oct. 7. i was able to pay a few bills when it happened again. They stole the remaining $760. I talked to a “supervisor” on the 7th telling me that he would “make sure” it was resolved. Chime will now not respond to me at all. I’m trying to get the $760 stolen from my account. I have tried to contact them almost every day.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more Chime Bank complaints

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