Chime Bank Complaint

Chime Bank Complaint

What Chime Bank did:
3 different occasions, two small charges and one large one, were fraudulent charges on my account. I sent screenshot proof and explanations, only for them to tell me they arent fraudulent. The first two were whatever. They were like two dollar charges each. The third one though? Was 165 dollars from an apartment complex that said it was charging me 15. I have proof. So when i saw the 165 charge immediately withdrawn, i contacted chime with the information and also the apartment complex themselves who also stated it wasnt them who charged me. Chime says it was not fraudulent. And is planning on taking back the credited money. Making me lose 330 now. I will ******* sue. This is my food money. Im poor as ****. Chime keeps doing this, the proof is in front of them and they act like its invisible. Its literally lidacris.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Texas | Read more Chime Bank complaints

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