Intuit TurboTax Bad Customer Support

Intuit TurboTax Bad Customer Support

What Intuit TurboTax did:
I was told bad information while trying to file my 2021 taxes. First of all they told me that my input was correct when it wasn’t and I specifically asked them about this on the phone. As result, I paid taxes twice on the same amount for $10K. Lastly, I owed several hundred dollars and they told me that I needed to mail a check. A few days later, I noticed the amount was taken out of my checking account so the amount was paid twice. They have horrible customer service that can cost you thousands of dollars.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

I want an apology and for them to correct the mistake

Submitted by: Anonymous in Armed Forces | Read more Intuit TurboTax complaints

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