Total Wireless Bad Customer Support

Total Wireless Bad Customer Support

What Total Wireless did:
For TWO WEEKS and countless hours on hold being transferred back and forth to so called technical support and my phone still has no service. I have had a 2 line account with this company for over 3 years with very little problems, these past 2 weeks has been a nerve wracking nightmare I have been hung up on countless times after asking for a supervisor to hear the problems I have been having.and my wife’s phone still has no service.i feel she should be compensated for the 2 weeks of no service and all the crap she and I have been put through by there outsourced customer service im so mad I have decided to change my service provider

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?

They can’t fix the problem.and it’s on their end , there’s nothing wrong with the phone, they just can’t figure out how to turn on my service. Tey should compensate us for the 2 weeks of no service and all the crap we have been put through.

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