Bank of America Complaint

Bank of America Complaint

What Bank of America did:
During the pandemic I had the unemployment setup to be deposited to bank of America while I got sick and I never was able to get my card to bank of America someone had gotten my personal information and was able to lock me out of my account and take over they were able to spend all my money while back of America handle this so unprofessional and messy they claim to have credit my account but I didn’t have card that they said they credited it to and after they said they credited they sent me letters saying my claim was still open and for me to call to fix it I did that 7or 8 different times and each time they denied my claim but never once told me that they had deposit money on my account they made it seem as tho I’m still trying to get my money back now they sent me a letter stating that they credited the same amount with 53 dollars so I call and the only thing left in the account is 53 dollars none of thw money they supposedly credit the account back in 2020 I’ve never had a card they kept deposit the money then taking it off four different times

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