Walmart Complaint

Walmart Complaint

What Walmart did:
Me and my friend went to Walmart to get quotes on cell phones using our ACP benefits. The lady behind the counter began to tell us how we were being overcharged by T-Mobile and spent about 40 min in hold to get benefit information to run some quotes. We had to run to sign papers for a lease for a house so the lady asked us to write our information like SS number, email, birthday info down on a post it and I als have her my old license to use use that had been voided. We were gone for an hour and went back to get quotes and license and the lady was on lunch so we waited maybe 45 min and left. The next morning I called Walmart to inquire about my license and was told that she was an hourly manager and I neeeded to speak to an salary manager and they had no idea where my ID was. 2 days later I checked my email and there was emails in there from Verizon congratulating me on my new account, phone and phone number. I immediately tried to reach out to Verizon to report fraud but they need police report l. Went to he store, and it was a different worker who knew nothing about my license so she called the lady who was working at a store about 40 min away. The ladies story changed multiple times about opening an account and canceling an account to never opening an account. Their manager said she would be down to handle it. It took her probably 20 minutes and it’s about a 40 min ride. The Walmart manager that was handling it said it’s all on camera. The manager dealing with The phones had 3 different stories of another member moving my license but noone knew where my id was an acted as if I was a problem. She tried to tell me that the account wasn’t active and that I should open the emails from Verizon on the “inactive “ account. She claims just running quotes sets up accounts in your name. My friend had 2 open same day, date. After 2 hours and 6 people looking in the same 3 drawers suddenly my license was in there with the post it notes with our information wrote on them. I had to go file a police report due to a fraudulent account and no one at Walmart cared at all.

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