CenturyLink Complaint

CenturyLink Complaint

What CenturyLink did:
I’ve been paying for 10 mbps for 5 years, and they had my box limited to 6 mbps (the whole time?). Charged me rent on a modem that has been outdated since 2017, but never replaced said modem despite service problems. I cannot see/get a current bill. I did not have sufficient internet access to continue my classes & could not get through to customer service; I had to drop out of school… still have to pay for the semester. Suffered an extreme amount of distress over this whole scenario. Average time to get a hold of customer service is 1-3 hours, during ‘business hours’, may spend 30minutes to 1.5 hours on phone and then be disconnected or promised a call back (that has never happened) without resolution of any sort; so I can’t schedule anything else (work, school, doctor, etc) for the day to try and get an even small amount of the service I’ve been paying for (time spent + income/tuition lost?). Now I think they are charging me for their mistakes, but again, I can’t see my bill, it’s just twice the amount of what it should be.
1. Sent me 3 modems instead of 1, may be charging me for all 3 & the 1 being replaced. There were no directions telling me to return or how to return said modems, calling and asking revealed the necessity. New modem didn’t fix the problem so, I still could not access return labels without internet.
2. No way to see previous orders or return modems with tracking tied to said modems (will I be liable if they input wrong returns or say they didn’t receive one of them?).
3. May be charging me for a new install, despite it being a service call to fix their own equipment, but again, can’t see the bill.
4. Every customer service agent I have talked to said that I would receive credit towards my bill for lack of service and faulty equipment, but my bill is higher than it has ever been.

I’m pretty sure all of these things are illegal, and the amount of time, money, and distress caused by these things is significant.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Oregon | Read more CenturyLink complaints

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