Airbnb Complaint

Airbnb Complaint

What Airbnb did:
I am a host on Airnbn, about a month ago someone changed the payout method to an account I did not recognize. I immediately reached out to Airnbn to tell them someone had changed the payout method and it was not authorized. The payment showed it was in transit. I wrote several times pleading with them to recall the transfer, explaining that payout method was not done by me. I called several times .each time painstakingly recounting the situation and being told a specialist would contact me. Nobody did to this day. The transfer after 5 or so days, landed, so it was already processed. I called 10 times asking them to connect me to someone who could assist me in giving me the full account number and bank which would allow me to investigate more thoroughly, but nobody has responded. If the would have assisted me I believe they could have recalled the wire. If they would give me the full account number and bank, I could initiate an investigation from my side. I need assistance.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Arizona | Read more Airbnb complaints

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