Brinks Home Security Complaint

Brinks Home Security Complaint

What Brinks Home Security did:
I got the service on June 7 2022 since day one the person that came over for the installation did it wrong, by not activating the correct way , all my sensors are listed as doors they key doors locked are all connected also wrong since if the main door is lock or open all other doors will do same thing. I scheduled appointment for the last 5 months for a tech to be send and each time of the appointments they never come and not called me to notified me . I made the calls each time to find out what happened that the tech didn’t show they always have an excuse the the is sick the ticket was cancel by the tech, but they never notified me any advance of email, text or call . they always re-scheduled the appointment for the next time available that is a waiting or another 3 weeks . and the issue is never fix . I ask to be transferred to a supervisor or manager. this being going on for 5 months I been patient but at this time I don’t want their services anymore.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Virginia | Read more Brinks Home Security complaints

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