DoorDash Complaint

DoorDash Complaint

What DoorDash did:
I ordered $67.12 worth the buffalo wild wings on doordash. 2/6 items were unavailable . The door dasher Qurban ***** , sent me a message stating those 2 items were unavailable and that I needed to say I never received it through doordash. So , I proceed on to do so which doordash compensated me $26.84 . For the unavailable items ONLY. So, the dasher sends me a message stating he is outside, which he NEVER was. He stole my food and I messaged him and he ignored me. So, at this point I needed a FULL refund because I never received my food at all. I called the doordash to get my money back in FULL they escalated my issue and said they’ll email me with a decision in 24hrs. I get the decision AND they denied me my money back. So, then I call again and again and keep getting hung up on. Somebody, is supposed to be calling me in the morning but I’m sure they’ll keep running around in circles with me. I can’t afford them playing with my hard earned money.

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Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more DoorDash complaints

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