Lyft Complaint

Lyft Complaint

What Lyft did:
I was a passenger with a Lyft while the driver was in period 3 of our trip when he got into an accident with another car due to the Lyft driver jumping in and out of traffic and having to come to an unexpected stop and another car rearended his car. He came to a stop jumped out and checked his car ran and jumped back in his car and took off! After he took off in a rush I asked the man to let me out of the car in which he had covered in plastic I became terrified for my life because when I asked him about the plastic he said he had it down to control germs from different passengers, but now after what he has done with the accident and now fleeing from the scene of an accident and not letting me out of the car when I requested I became in fear for my life. I call 911 and Lyft I also videotaped the entire incident.

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