Uber Complaint

Uber Complaint

What Uber did:
Uber won’t let me cash out and blaming system issue but it’s only my account. I made over $500 and not able to cash out and I have been stranded without ability to get gas, food, or any means of transportation to my regular job. I called them said they escalated but didn’t and when I called again they confirmed 1st rep never escalated and I have talked to 10 different people and, 5 of which were supervisors who consistently lie and jerk me around and not allowing to access my hard owned money and they tell me there is nothing they can do and I have to wait 5 days. Which means I can’t eat for 5 days. 1st they said it was a security thing and then they tell me it’s a system issue. But i confirmed with multiple other drivers that their cash outs work just fine so I was lied to again by Uber support. I am unable to drive this weekend (which is when I make the bulk of my money) and have no way to get to my regular job the will likely result in me being terminated and additionally I don’t have any money for food, etc. This is not right and the support team literally do not care – supervisors included

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Submitted by: Anonymous in Texas | Read more Uber complaints

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