Uber Complaint

Uber Complaint

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I have been driving with uber now for 7 years. They have been waiting on checkr since September 1st to do my annual background check which expired for Uber on Oct. 13th. I haven’t been able to drive for Uber since then and I am losing over $150 a day not being able to drive for them and being forced to drive for Lyft. This is a known issue that has been going on with many drivers when it comes to their annual background checks.  It is negligence on Ubers part by continuing to use Checkr even though this has been a known issue for over 2 years. I want to sue uber or checkr for negligence and taking this long to get my annual background check back. They are making me lose my mind not being able to make money and get back on the road. It sucks having no HR to turn to for help or anything. They just don’t give a ****** about us drivers.

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