ADT Claim for Compensation

ADT Claim for Compensation

What ADT did:
I have been trying to get ADT to fix my cameras since Sept, they a tech by the name of Jack ***** who has no clue to what he is doing!! He said that I needed a new NVR and this is the 2nd time he said that I needed a new one in just a few months. He came out to hook the new one up and I still have no cameras, he keeps saying that it’s my internet and it’s not I had my internet checked out and there’s nothing wrong with it. I had an appointment for one of ADT’s tech to come out on 10/18, but I called in on 10/17 to see if they could change it to 10/21 so that their tech and my internet tech could be there at the same time so Jack could explain to the internet tech what he’s talking about and the lady said that she couldn’t do that i then asked her to transfer me to billing and she said that they were closed so I hung up!!! I NOT ONCE TOLD HER TO CANCEL MY APPOINTMENT , but she did then I had another appointment set up on 10/26 and I asked the lady to put me at the very end of the day closer to 5pm because i was not able to leave work early. A guy by the name of Reggie called me @ 3:03 on 10/26 I toldhim I would not be there until later he said let me call my manager to see what we needed to do. He never called me back, I kept calling him and texting him all day he kept ignoring me!!! I called in when I got home and the lady said that the appointment had been cancelled AGAIN!!! I told her that Reggie never called me back and he was ignoring my calls. They are also charging my $600, the first time I called about the guy said that it was a cancelation fee, the 2nd time I called the lady said it was because I tool my self off of the flex plan, the 3rd time I called they said it was for the new NVR, which still not working and I still have no cameras!!! I refuse to pay the $600 and they need to get my cameras back up and running at no charge!!!

Submitted by: Anonymous ADT customer in Winnsboro | Read more ADT complaints

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