ADT Claim for Compensation

ADT Claim for Compensation

What ADT did:
ADT put in a camera where they sent the electrical wire through the plumbing nine months ago. Well we had water damage mole sewage in our closet my wife’s clothes were damaged my daughter and I and my wife got sick. The damage was done by management company repaired it and they are dealing directly with the repairs. They only want to give us $1000 for conversation and I think it’s unfair. We ask for 14,000 for any damages to close furniture and other items as well as the whole family getting sick. And that’s from the technician drilling a hole through our sewage pipe at our front door where this happened from January 2022 until just last week of September of 2022. I’m pretty sure it cost about $10,000 to 15,000 just in property damage.

Now I’m seeking 200,000 for the Contamination of our unit and are valuable possessions as well as our health. And cancellation of contract.

Submitted by: Anonymous ADT customer in Chino | Read more ADT complaints

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