Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
I am an Airbnb host. The guest (Stanley) agreed to rent for 3 months. (10/5/22 to 01/15/23). The cancelation policy is deemed as strict (no refund). The guest wanted a full refund because he didn’t understand the difference between between an en suite bathroom and a private bathroom.

The guest wanted a full refund. I didn’t agree to it. However Airbnb sided Stanley and his claims that the house was dirty. They issue him a full refund.

Not only did I lose out on Stanleys rent (about $3-$4k). I also lost out on the rent from another potential guest, Mert.

On that very same day I had another guest (Mert) that wanted to rent the room for a month. (10/5/22 to 11/5/22). The payout for that was $1,211.53. The evidence is in the messages on Airbnb.

I am requesting that AirBnb pays me in full for the 3 month of rent from Stanley. It was irresponsible of them to cancel the stay due to a simple compliant. I’ve been a host for years. Previous guest did not have any issue with the cleanliness. And the main complaint was due to the guest not understanding the definition of the property. If it was that important to him he would have reached out prior to confirm.

Submitted by: Anonymous Airbnb customer in Irving | Read more Airbnb complaints

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