Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
I’ve reached out to Airbnb continuously and have been getting the run around. I stayed at a hosts place for a week. My first night there I received a message “ Good afternoon, we had a complaint about some kind of a smoke smell coming from the air bnb. So, just to confirm there is no smoking of any kind in the apt. Thanks” I replied “ No problem and I’m cooking I’m so sorry I burnt the rice a bit” the hosts response was “ok. TKs” . I’ve never smoked in or around the unit mind you and this was the only conversation regarding smoking. Now, on checkout date I message Tammy and Carl (the hosts) this is 9:54am “ Morning Tammy and Carl I’m checked out , the white sheets and blankets are in the dryer and the grey blankets and towels are in the washer. Thank you for an amazing stay ” would you believe that at 4:37pm Tammy had the audacity to message me “ Our place was left dirty, everything that was for your use was in the upstairs unit. Our excess supplies that were in the downstairs closet are all missing. ( we leave it there in bag for our cleaning lady). There was rice stuck to most surface. We are missing two pots, two towels, two face clothes. Our air bnb smells like drugs( pot smell). I did find the end of a joint behind the couch under the window. Our next guest is late on arrival, thankfully because it took me three hours to clean. There was a black dust that was kind of greasy on every thing. We would like to be compensated. To the total of $200.00. Please respond.”

We went back and forth for a a few and I told her no! Because I cleaned the entire unit downstairs to upstairs. Tammy filed a complaint through Airbnb that was declined by them.

Now I have a review from Tammy that reads “ This wasn’t the best experience. Our place smelled of drugs, we did have a complaint from our tenants. This was a weeks stay so the smell permeated the furniture accompanied by a orngie black dust everywhere. I found part of a joint behind the couch under the window. We also were missing two pots, two towels, two face clothes. She left a burning candle along with other burning incense. All of our excess cleaning supplies in separate closet not in the actual apt were missing. The apt itself has everything she would have needed. There was cooked hardened rice all over. This was a three hour clean and a couple trips to the store to replace what was missing. This was very disappointing given she is a 5 star. read less”

This review can prevent future bookings from my account and I wanted it to be removed. I contacted airbnbs customer care asking how is it that the claim is declined but the review is okay if we proved it to be invalid? They keep responding saying that it is within their policy and then they end the chat with me.

I paid $961.96 for 10 days with Tammy. When I left her unit was swept, mopped, disinfected and vacuumed. If she wants to be childish and deformate and slander my name on a public feed I’m requiring Airbnb to pay me a complete refund! And I want Airbnb to compensate me because they are agreeing and allowing this

I want Tammy’s review removed

Submitted by: Anonymous Airbnb customer in Dartmouth | Read more Airbnb complaints

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