Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
I had a tenant check out late, up to three days late (we don’t know because there weren’t resources to keep checking on her and dealing with her hostility). I lost almost $500 JUST in the pre-booked cleaning team and manager I had paid to show up 4 hours after her agreed-upon checkout time. I also turned away private clients since the place could not be made ready, losing hundreds of dollars. Eventually I learned the woman’s pets had damaged expensive furniture, she had stolen things, and lost keys. That plus ESPECIALLY the excessive time spent trying to make a claim on AirBnB and being rejected before I was even able to upload the 45 photos with their faulty resolutions portal, the hundreds of hours I spent trying to get money, are losses that ate up my profits and more for the whole year. Being closed out of message threads and being promised that I would receive a call has become a trauma, besides which I am now not in a financial position to continue “risking” the hard work I do to run a 5-Star level operation. So besides the thousands of dollars of damages, I think that $5,000 is the minimum AirBnB should cough up for the lost hundreds of hours of hold time, messages, false promises I would receive a call, and their own requests that I upload photos and explanations into message threads and emails. It literally drove me to mental illness, and I currently have a broker assessing the unit because I see that AirBnB did not offer any protection as I thought I have, and I cannot risk myself anymore.

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