Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

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Jill914 in Milwaukee, WI
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Date: 09/21/22
TO:Airbnb, Inc.
C/O CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service, 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 150N Sacramento, California 95833. – R

I am filing this arbitration because an untrained Airbnb Ambassador has violated its policies and it accidentally merged tickets for multiple hosts, errors and hid the error,. I am sure his supervisors would provide additional training so he does not confuse and accidentally merge e ticket!

My guest got fired and wanted a refund. I agreed to negotiate after his complaint was cleared on day 5, and I got confirmation my policy would apply

But the *****&S Ambassador mixed up tickets and totally violated Airbnb policy, and needs trainng

The *****&S Ambassadaor called Resolutions and statedI i agreed to a refund, including the first week before the guest ***** left . Noone from Airbnb will call me back. Obviously I did not agree to a refund .

Resolutions did not call me


Other Departments at Airbnb keep trying to hlep keep calling Trust & Safety after verifying my documentation, but they will not resond


A guest checked in on August 27 2022 and cancelled September 17, 2022 employee erroneously refunded a guest in the a approximate amount of $3, 420 days twenty days after he checked- in
There is of considerable correspondence he was in the unit,
On September 2m The guest got fired from his job and wanted a full refund. To avoid the cancellation policy, he filed a privacy violation claiming I entered his unit .
I had provided Airbnb permission to enter to change a light bulb. On the 4th other Items delivered to the guest were left in a common hallway and I provided a photo of this as well
After 72 hours I was cleared and received an email from airbnb thanking me for cooperation

My policy was to be upheld; Airbnb did not cancel the reservation
The guest cancelled the reservation September 17, 2022, consistent with Airbnb Policy but then the airbnb misprresenteed I agreed to a refund.
For no apparent purpose , IVO, the Airbnb Ambassador called the Resolution Department, issued 17 days the guest a full refund on the basis “the guest never stayed on the property.”
Obviously this is not true from communications between me and the guest.
The Ambassador made and errror and violated Airbnb policy
IVO has refused to escalated this to a supervisor for 4 days, even had another ambassador call posing as a supervisor.
There was $611 of extra cleaning and repair damage to the unit. As of 9/22 I cannot get it back on the market, and I cannot file a claim because the fraudulent record shows the guest never stayed there,
IVO has committed fraud to conceal the error. He was required to correct the error by sumitting the matter to the supervisor, but instead sent emails and had another ambassador call me to say I did not have a strict cancellation policy and did not send the matter to a supervisor as of 9/21
I am offering the following evidence:
• Airbnb investigated his complaint and notified me within 72 hours that I had not committed any violation accordingly, my strict and long term cancellation policy applied
• In error , IVO accidentally merged my ticket with another host ticket involving cameras, and opened three tickets on the same matter
• IVO does not understand the guest cancellation policy . If an investigation is resolved *****, he should not have communicated further and the Host cancellaion policy appleis the applie
• Second, IVO did not understand the guest had the obligation to cancel. The matter was treated as a guest cancellation rather than an Airbnb cancellation
Third, IVO breached AIRBNB poliy and called Resolutions and gave the guest a refund in seventeen days after the investigation in violation of Airbnb policy instead of telling the guest to request one from me since there had been no privacy
Ivo he was confused that it left on the September 2, even though IVO received copies of text messages from the guest he was present on September 3, and as of the 17 th I did not have keys . The television was on and laundry was in the dryer
Airbnb acknowledges the error, as responsible Airbnb Ambassador has not taken the required action.
I now filing a Notice Demand for Arbitration for $10,500 plus $2,500 in attorneys’s fees pursuant to the Wisconsin Consumer Protection Act if Airbnb does not fix this
This claim pertains to Reservation No
The chronology is as are as follows:
1. The guest checked on August 29, and was new to airbnb and had not prior rating.
2. On Sept 2 he told other guests d h got fired from his job, or client engagement did not pan out.
3. Per Airbnb policy I have both a strict cancellation policy. Both the strict cancellation policy long term policy apply
4. The guest was required to contact me for a refund, and I woud have offered a generous refund.
5. Instead, the guest called Airnb September asked Airbnb for a refund, and was refused
6. The guesti originally called to get out of his reservation by lying about a “ privacy violation “
There was due to a maintenance entry with written permission and a delivery of additional bedding to a common hallway.
7. I immediately cooperated with the investigation and provided documentation and screen shots of text asking me to change the light bulb and confirming permission to enter, and that the delivery was to a common hallway
8. Airbnb resolved the privacy investigaton in my favor and I received an email. If irbnb resolved the investigation in the guest’s favor, Airbnb would have cancelled the reservation and issued a refund after 72 hours
9. During the investigaion the Ambassador (“Ivo” madetsan error and sent me communication he meant to send another host and accidentallymerged the tickets. In light of this, made sure the Airbnb resolved the privacy investigation in my favor and I received a second email the investigation had been resolved in my favor on September 8th.
10. The guest remained in the unit until the 8th and cancelled on the 17th but misrepresented left n=n the 2nd . The guest did not return the keys or anwer calls from me or Airbng and finally cancelled on the 17th so I could rent my unit. However, this is irrelevent . The guest was responsible for contacting me for refund.
11.On the 17th , the guest contacted the Ambassador IVO who issued a full refund in violation ofAirbnb policy plus and additional $400 to be charged against my current reservations. (I havethree units) and I annot this huge loss
12.Airbnb management has repeatedly confirmed that the polic is for IVO to “take a loss” and makesure I am paid .
13.IVO will not contact me or take the required action; he did not direct his supervisor to call e andhad another ambassador call to try to convince me the guest was paid per my policy. Theambassador posed as a supervisor
14.I got an email telling me I was not entitled to have a supervisor “review” the decision, implyingthat I was disputing or appealing the result of the security investigation.
15.I wrote back explaining the decision on the security investigation was in my favor and not disputed;accounting error had been made
16.I was asking to correct an error resulting from the , the Ambassador IVO issuing a guest a refundoutside of Airbnb policy
17.IVO needs supervision and training. I complied with all airbnb policies. I cooperated with aninvestigation over a 72 hour period, and had documentation of permission to enter to change alight bulb at the guest’s request
18.AIR Bnb retained control of my property for 20 days without payment. My account was restoredimmediately after the investigation, without action or cancellation of the reservation by Airbnb.19.IVO is engaging in deceptive business practies under Wis Stat Sec 100.20) 2hidh prohibit”unfair” business practices, and I am entitled to recover three times the amount ofthe reservation or $10, 200 .
20.If IVO incorrectly reported the results of his investigation and effected my listing (eg by confusingtwo different tickets for additional hosts ) I am entitled to lost revenue and rserve the right toamend my demandcu
21.I am able to provide additional document provided to airbnb documenting permission to enter, andthe erroneous communication I received from Ivo regarding another host accou

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