Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
Airbb tells guests that they can leave a review. I received great reviews from hosts. However if the listing is a lie and dangerous i feel that i have the right to warn others. Problem arose when the host saw my honest ad and retaliated by defaming me and slandering me. These was nothing they said about me that was true. They provided nothing that was listed on airbb. The apt had metal bars arount all doors and windows with locks. If there was a fire noone could get out. So many lies for this property. After 10 texts with 10 different people they told me their policy wasnt violated. I beg to differ. I can go further with more time but they shouldnt be allowed to do this

My review to be deleted

Submitted by: Anonymous Airbnb customer in Orangestadt | Read more Airbnb complaints

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