Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
Through AirBnb I had a guest who stayed in a shared room inside my home for 4 days’n nights.

Not for once dod she suggest to cancel her stay, which was the cheapest available in the whole city centre of Helsinki, Finland.

The female, Emma *****, had not a single review forehand, and on her stay she was asking for compensation from her airline company as well. Claims I spent over an hour helping with, borrowing my phone to her for all that time and so on. A detail now am mentioning due to suspects she is a common fraudster on more than I.

Once Emma had gone, it took a few days until I got a surprising message.

She was writing me a long text on how “She considers my place is not suitable for hosting”, stating her claims on
° Habing started to feel uncomfortable about a long conversation we had had on nom-personal political topics
° She having seen a (clean) vibrator on a desk that was not involved on her hosting contract
° Me having had a guest in my kitchen for ~30minutes as we had a hamburger per person and transferred photos to my laptop.
° Me having (legal) cannabis plants inside my apartment for specie breed and seeds

In the end of this message of hers, she proceeds with a, “surprise surprise”, “refund” request.

Asking for A Full Refund on 4 nights and days she spent here outta a single note per the whole time she spent here, eating, drinking the beverages and so on.

Aside the “refund” request sent she a threat; “I also have evidence on the claims”.

Meaning, she has been collecting illegal photo / film material of my private home.

My legal plants and/or me and my guest on my premises eating a hamburger per person, my vibrator and/or so on.

All of the possible photos purely illegal by the purpose of taking them; the purpose of using them under the spectrum of illegal blackmail, defamation and dissemination of information that violates private life.

I informed this ”Emma” on how she is NOT eligible for NO compensation whatsoever, and then contacted the AirBnb support agency in order to remove my positive review on her.

The staff member read the whole conversation through, told I didn’t need to stress on nothing and that if ever Emma ‘s review on me was go contain any similar claims / ”opinions” as her message towards me, the review was to be deleted in the instance.

All was supposed to be all okay, until suddenly ”the security department ” of AirBnb reached out on me, late in the evening, informing my account to be blocked and saying they’d be calling me in the morning.

I refused the morning call, stating I wouldn’t be aware until the afternoon.

She told to call me in the afternoon, which I told her not to do, for the conversation about ”Emma”’s stay had already been procedureed with.

She informed to permanently ban my account.

She did not say based on which the mentioned “claims”, but on one part of her message she did claim it was “up to me to prove my plants’re legal medical” on which I replied she could have just checked the law to see there is nothing for me to “prove” on no manner such as, since growing any type of cannabis is ALWAYS legal in Finland AS LONG AS it is NOT for illegal purposes, which are, using THC-containing species as narcotics and using non-THC species in forms that require prescription”.

Meaning: There is _NOTHING_ for me to “prove legal” for ALL in my green hobby is 100% legal on every stage of this case.

Specie breeding & seed growing of NON-thc medical marijuana.

The AirBnb “security department” did not care about this.

There was only one person contacting me with this sudden attack of her’s, with the sudden blockage of my account, and then the ”permanent block” she announced.

I made a re-review request on that, but the ban was not lifted “for the claims are accurate”.

WHICH CLAIM, in the first place?

The claim I had a guest (to which i am FULLY PERMITTED in EVERY POSSIBLE LEVEL, EH?? ??)?

Me having charged an all washed up vibrator on a counter not involved in ”Emma”’s hosting contract (the room of such a counter is in a while different room).

Me having tens of different room plants, including medical marijuana for specie breed & seeds?

Which claim, they did not even mention, once continuing on their total ignorance over the fact that the ONLY illegal party on the WHOLE case is EMMA and aside this, possibly AirBnb itself on even VIEWING the ILLEGAL photo / film material EMMA has chosen to share of MY private property after I did not accept on her ILLEGAL BLACKMAIL.

If You know any way to put AirBnb accountable on the illegal spying of my personal home (by checking on and spreading around) illegal photo / film content of MY private home, me, my guest, my belongings ……

I would SERIOUSLY hope there are ways to make AN END to ”procedure”s such as this where there is a PURELY criminally behaving fraudster tryina ILLEGALLY blackmail free services and then making ILLEGAL false claims on their host and so on, goes on receiving FULL SUPPORT from a monopoly organization such as AIRBNB.

I had been a host for SEVEN YEARS, even rather actively for the past year that I am living in the center of the capital, meaning my rent requires some compensation as well as I don’t have a partner and don’t want a roommate, so hosting has been the perfect option for giving me Friends and Financial Support to my life.

Tens and tens of great reviews from a whole of different years, great memories and much of experience, overall much over 4⭐ even ny some revenge reviews of 1star and so on.

Then a sociopath narcissistic comes around on her ”great list” of a zero reviews, breaks against a number of serious laws & community policies, and I am “Permanently Blocked”.

”Emma”’s action list;

1. Illegal photoshoots of persons and/or personal belongings on purpose of using it content as for defamation and dissemination of information that violates private life.

2. Illegal threat basically on sharing that content UNLESS I agree on their
3. illegal blackmail.

4. Defamation
5. Dissemination of information that violates private life

AirBnb’s response?

”Oh poor Emma oh poor Emma, oh what about Your criminal actions on her property, what about Your criminal actions against Your host, what about Your fraudlent criminal blackmail attempts, Oh Poor Emma, Oh Poor Emma!! !!”

I am not exactly sure which legal basises has AirBnb been breaking against under this case, but at least
°viewing the illegal content from inside my household,
°perhaps not reporting Emma to the police commander’s of her area on sharing such illegal contents online on the members of AirBnb maintenance,
°participating in the illegal act of causing financial damage by illegal defamation involving illegal spying on things amd/or even people under spaces covered by privacy protection
°if there are some official contract terms about protecting their host’s legal rights and privacy protection against criminal assaults of guests, then that
°as my location is within the EU, maybe some GDPR compliance too.

Legal procedurees on suing them for

spying (by watching _obviously_ _illegal_ content),

financially damageful and compensationable participation on illegal defamation + dissemination of information that violates private life,

and potentially a contract break / contract breaks on host’s rights under their service in instances of a guest having started on illegal procedures on the property, illegal blackmail on their host, illegal publishing of illegal photo / video content and so on (=the sharing of any material in the purpose of illegal defamation and/or dissemination of information that violates private life.).

Potentially on GDPR violations as well.

Submitted by: Anonymous Airbnb customer in Helsinki | Read more Airbnb complaints

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