American Express Claim for Compensation

American Express Claim for Compensation

What American Express did:
American Express has continued to report 3 charged off accounts on my consumer report. I learned through research that once a company charges off your account, it is a cancelled debt and the consumer is required to claim the charged off amount as gross income on their tax return. I amended my 2021 tax return a few months ago and notified American Express by letter that the accounts on my consumer report were inaccurate and needed to be deleted. Income is excluded from a consumer report so once I amended my tax return, the account should have been removed. American Express has responded saying the accounts are accurate which I know now for a fact is false and they are continuing to illegally report these accounts on my consumer report. This has caused my to be denied for a home loan, numerous extensions of credit and now has put my professional career in jeopardy.

Submitted by: Anonymous American Express customer in Aurora | Read more American Express complaints

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