American Express Claim for Compensation

American Express Claim for Compensation

What American Express did:
I applied for a Blue Business Cash card and was given a lesser rewards card the Blue Business Preferred card. I have spent hours trying to get Amex to correct the problem. I have long, long chat explaining everything. Instead of getting 2% cash back on all eligible purchases and earning a $750 credit after reaching $15K expenditures in 1 year. Amex gives me rewards for only groceries and a $35O credit. I received the wrong card in August 2022 and have been trying to get the correct card when I noticed I was not receiving what I applied for in September. This was a special offer in a flyer from Amex that said it was a RSVP for me with a limited -time welcome bonus $750 cash or rewards points. I chose cash. The latest is Amex told me I have to reapply for a card that was a special offer and most likely is no longer available. I feel like it was bait and switch. I am going to fight this. They tell me I have been with Amex for 24 years, but they don’t treat me like it.

At this point in time they do not owe me money, but they will because they are cheating me out of 2% on all my expenditures and I have made this my main credit card for Amazon, groceries, medical and all other normal household and business expenses. It has only been two months since I received the wrong card.

Submitted by: Anonymous American Express customer in La Center | Read more American Express complaints

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