American Express Claim for Compensation

American Express Claim for Compensation

What American Express did:
I’m trying to pay my bill. I haven’t used my card in years. In fact, my account is closed. I’m just paying off the small remaining balance left. I tried logging in, and I wasn’t able to successfully gain access to my account. After trying to log in again I was locked out. I was REQUIRED to reset my password.

Ok. Fine. This is already so inconvenient. I try resetting it. Now it’s asking for my account number. Again. I. Don’t. Have. It. When I call to pay my bill, it’s because I can’t access my online account.

I have no idea what my account number is and I’m not near my personal documents at the moment and I’m trying to pay this monthly payment of $100 right now (because it is DUE TODAY). I can’t reset my password in order to get in because it needs the account number. I can’t pay on the phone because the “smart voice” is forcing me to give an account number or I can’t speak to a human. Ridiculous.

Okay so at this point, I already sent a letter of my personal hardships. I was given no assistance. The least you can do is offer me a convenient way to pay my bill! In fact, ALL MY LATE PAYMENTS WERE DUE TO THIS SAME EXACT REASON. I’M JUST TOO HUMBLE A PERSON TO COMPLAIN.

I am so fed up with this entire place. I am trying to get this last bit of Debt out of my life and move on. I am so repulsed by everything this firm represents, and the fact that I am sending you this letter is proof in just how unprofessional, ineffective and counterproductive your policies are with connecting one human being to another.

Seriously. You are placing these AI chat bots at a high level of power when it comes to making rational business decisions. I’m literally calling to pay you guys, but the robot demands I feed it one specific set of numbers or else I can’t pay. My name isn’t important. My date of birth, or the phone number my account is registered with has 0 influence. I am just forced to deal with this type of negligence. I am the one who suffered ridiculous late payments, all because this company is being run by defective customer service channels. It’s a shame that the CEO of this company won’t put in a grain of the mounds and mounds of profit revenue towards innovating and RE-OPENING the 24-hour policy.

I am seriously so kind and considerate, it isn’t fair that I have to always deal with this. It isn’t fair that I still pay this company. I deserve to have the remaining balance on my account removed or something, the fact that I’m trying to pay on time, just to once again face these annoying and costly issues is like a recurring nightmare. Only it’s real, and my financial health is the one taking all the hits.

I just hope a human will even read this. I’m considering taking American Express to court if this whole other system doesn’t deliver my words to a human being. That would honestly be frightening.


Hassan H. *****

Submitted by: Anonymous American Express customer in Dearborn | Read more American Express complaints

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