AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
When I was added to my boyfriends line the at&t store did not do it correctly. They ordered the phone I wanted and when i got it in the mail the next day i went to the store to have it activated. There was an issue activating it in store but they told me to wait while the guy made soem calls and he eventually after an hour of waiting got it turned on with service. I then gave them my old phone for the promotion to get 800 off my new phone. Then a month passed an my boyfriend got his bill for the month and it had a 1999.99 charge for a non return device. I went into the store and asked what the charge was about and they didnt have answers and told me to call at&t directly. I did that and they told me the store had to fic the issue since on there end it says i never activated my phone. So i went back in the store and was told that the guy that activated my phone was fired for suspicious activity. They then contacted someone about the issue and told me they would file a report and call me. I waited a week and half they never called so i then went into the store they had me speak with someone on the phone explain what happen again and then told me to give the phone to the mannger. The manger talked to them got off the phone and told me i had to return my current phone they would send me a new one in the mail and then activate it the correct way. This was not an option i could do since i would be without a phone. Im in the miltary and also a correction officer and have 2 little kids i can not be without a phone. The lady told me there was no other way. So we ended up switching to tmobile and canceled our at&t. I called to try and return the old phone since they still was trying to charge me 2000 for the phone. They told me they would send me a box and a month late never sent me anything and now my boyfriend got a letter saying his acoount balance of 1800 os about to go to collections. I rwally dont know what to do at this point and im just frustrated with all this when i was never the one to mess anything up in the first place..

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