Coinbase Claim for Compensation

Coinbase Claim for Compensation

What Coinbase did:
They placed restrictions on my account and despite sending propper documents, never released it. Upon further investigation, i learned they think im holding two accounts and that my brother’s account (different name and different SSN) IS a fraudulent account created by me . They asked me to verify his account, I respoded saying I have no access to it as its a seperate account made by a seperate person. They said, could you ask him to do such and such? Seems very unprofessional and blunt accusations of fraud under no evidence.
The end result, my account remsins closed for over 4 months and my business has suffered complete failure and im out of business as a result.

Compensation for financial damages incurred and psychological harm caused by false accusations as well as public reputation destructions as business failed due to account and identity related suspicion.

Submitted by: Anonymous Coinbase customer in Houston | Read more Coinbase complaints

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